The Maunsell Sea Forts


A few Saturday’s ago, a group of my crazy friends and I decided to charter a boat out to the Red Sands or Maunsell Sea Forts. These amazing structures are out in the Thames Estuary and are relics from WW2. We had imagined a bright and cloudless day, an interesting boat trip, and maybe even a chance to board the forts if the weather was calm enough… However, the great British weather was having non of it and as we approached the forts, the wind increased to Force 8 and a huge lightning storm approached. I managed to snap some images while clinging desperately to the top deck of our pilot boat and trying very hard not to fall into the sea as the huge waves flung us around like plastic toys in a pool!

For more info on the forts click here. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these shots. They were taken on my Nikon D90 with a wide angle lens. Some work was done in Lightroom to tweak the colours and sharpen.