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Kings Cross wanderings

Yesterday was the first really hot day this year so I grabbed my camera and set off for a wander around Kings Cross. The good weather always brings people out onto the streets, pale complexions get their first sun and children let off steam in the fountains at Granary Sq.

The first hot day in Spring...

The first hot day in Spring…

Kings Cross

Kings Cross – new American Carwash images

American carwash

American carwash

American carwash

American carwash






















After years of begging, the management of the (in)famous carwash on York Way finally let me in early one morning to take these pictures.

The building is a fantastic old Victorian industrial space mouldering gently away. It’s destined to be demolished and turned into a hotel very soon so I was getting pretty desperate to get in there! I think I caught the new day manager in a good mood…  🙂

All shot on my Nkon D90.